Made in America and Proud of It!

Reshoring is a hot topic among U.S. manufacturers. According to a survey released in October 2014 by Boston Consulting Group, 54% of manufacturing executives who have out-sourced production overseas are considering bringing some or all of their foreign production stateside. The team at Safety Speed Manufacturing joins in applauding the reshoring trend but will not […]

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10 Fast Facts about Safety Speed’s New Website

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was, the newly relaunched, ultra-user-friendly and completely revamped website of Safety Speed Manufacturing. Tom Houska, manufacturing marketing manager for Safety Speed based in Ham Lake, MN, said plans for the new site were sowed last year and even after a web developer was chosen in March, […]

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Vegas Fair a Winner for Safety Speed

They came. They showed. They sold machinery. The 2015 edition of the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas proved to be very good for Safety Speed Manufacturing. Even as the sawdust still settles on the four-day event held July 22-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Safety Speed continues to rack up sales from leads it […]

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Saw Blade Differences

Taking the guesswork out of Sawblades! Learn about key differences in plate specifications, tooth geometry, size and carbide type to make the right saw blade choices. With the plethora of saw blades available in the market today, it can be daunting for the user to choose the right blade for the right application. Since Chinese-made […]

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Dimensional Sign Substrate Review

Dimensional signage, by its very nature, stands out. It can turn an ordinary idea into something spectacular. But which substrates should be used for which purposes?Aluminum Sheet – For long-term outdoor durability it’s hard to beat aluminum. It is easy to work with, completely impervious to any form of weather and 100 percent recyclable—a winning […]

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screw pocket jig for screw machine production

3 Common Questions About Screw Pockets

1. Why Screw Pockets? Traditional wood joinery evolved over hundreds of years into the twentieth century when electrically powered machinery became common place. Nearly all forms of traditional wood joinery involved the use of large, expensive, complex, and frankly dangerous machines. The most wide spread forms of joinery, such as mortise & tenon, dovetail, finger […]

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sign making substrate cutter for processing substrate panels

3 Ways To Cut Substrates Without Dust And Noise

Dust has always been an unwanted byproduct when cutting panels down to size with a saw. It becomes even a greater problem when you are required to cut your panels indoors. Especially if you have expensive equipment nearby such as computers, printers, phone equipment, etc. One way of solving this problem is to use a […]

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Panel Router ideal for cabinet shops

Table Routers Make Cross Dado and Rabbet Cuts a Breeze

Many experienced woodworkers hold the opinion that horizontal routing tables can be one of the most useful tools in your workshop.  A close cousin to your standard routing table is the TR2 panel router by Safety Speed Manufacturing.  This unit is a horizontal model offering accuracy and power in a space saving size ideal for […]

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Rip cuts on an accurate vertical panel saw

Preventing Your Panel Saw from Binding During Rip Cuts

There are a few things an operator can do to eliminate the blade from binding. First, make sure that your saw blade is sharp and clean. Dull blades and dirty blades tend to bind and stall more often increasing the risk of kickback. Visual blade inspections are good disciplines that for some reason most operators […]

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accurate vertical saw

Panel Sizing Made Easier

A vertical panel saw can make panel sizing easier in the shop, or even on site. Vertical panel saws, which offer smaller footprints and are cost efficient, are becoming an integral part of custom woodwork and closet shops. Vertical saw manufacturers are seeing increased demand for flexibility. Options in demand include digital positioning of the […]

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Vertical Saw and router for processing aluminum composite material

More Schools are Realizing the Benefits of Vertical Panel Saws

When you’re the curriculum coordinator for a school district with more than 100,000 students, and are in charge of a very active technical education program covering more than 10 high schools, you’ve got a lot to consider when you’re preparing young people for a career in the trade. One challenge David Reynolds faced recently was […]

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Best panel saw

Top Reasons For Sign Shops To Own A Panel Saw

Vertical panel saws allow signmakers and graphic production shops to cut a large variety of sign blanks safely, easily and accurately. Simply speaking, vertical panel saws are designed to cut large sheet goods into smaller more manageable pieces and do it much more efficiently and accurately while only requiring one operator. For sign shops, this […]

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Portable and accurate Vertical Panel Saw

Portable Panel Saws For Cutting Large Panels

Whether it’s done in the shop or on the job site, accurately cutting sheet goods usually requires a table saw and often a helper to lift heavy sheets on and off the saw. But there isn’t always a spare employee available, particularly these days, when many formerly busy contractors are glad to take on any […]

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Vertical Saw and router for processing aluminum composite material

Cutting And Routing On One Vertical Frame

When routing and cutting are necessary to your operation, woodworkers should seriously consider adding a combination Vertical Panel Saw/Router to their shop.  These handy tools switch from a saw to a router in less than a minute without having to do any realignment whatsoever.  Woodworking enthusiasts can enjoy all the features of vertical panel saws […]

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American Made Glue Pot Edgebander

What Is Edgebanding?

Since edge banding comes in relatively thin strips, it is usually easy to cut it to fit the particular needs of your project. Cut larger pieces to start, so you can make adjustments later and minimize waste. It will always be easier to trim the edges to fit rather than cutting an entirely new piece. […]

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wide belt sander, high quality panel processing machinery

Reduce Your Sanding Time By 70%

If you’re a professional or regular woodworker that does a lot sanding by hand, then a wide belt sander is definitely a finishing tool you should consider purchasing. Woodworkers have shown to reduce their sanding time up to 70% leaving them with a lot more time to spend on the more enjoyable aspects of the […]

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industrial horizontal router for rabbets and dado's

Using Stops To Improve Panel Saw Productivity

One of the easiest ways to improve panel saw productivity is through the use of stops. There are typically a few different options to choose from: -The first method is utilizing a Quick Stop Gauge that consists of a metal extrusion with an embedded scale and an adjustable stop block. This type of system provides […]

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Glue Pot Edgebander, made in the USA

3 Common Gluepot Edgebander Mistakes

Listed below are three common mistakes woodworkers make that affect the edgebanding process when using a glue pot edgebander. 1. Forgetting to turn the heat off if the gluepot edgebander is not in use for 30 minutes or more. Ideally, a gluepot edgebander has a built-in standby temperature reduction mode. If the machine is left […]

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