Lunas Guitar he spent 311 hours building

Quad Cities Entrepreneur Founds Woodworking Academy

An average career in the woodworking industry has likely endured as many turns as your lathe does on an ordinary day in the shop. Illinois entrepreneur, Mark Luna is no exception and a self-taught woodworker, having discovered woodworking after retiring and owning four McDonald’s franchises for 28 years. Luna, a lifelong Quad Cities resident, has […]

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Woodworking Nonprofit Fortifies our Industry’s Workforce

It’s no secret that equipping Companies with trained employees remains the biggest challenge for both the Manufacturing and Woodworking industry. Opening its doors of 20,000+ square feet and endless opportunities of shared working space and machines on April 13, 2019, Makerspace Connecticut (MakerSpaceCT), has risen to the challenge of fortifying our industries workforce. MakerSpaceCT is […]

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