SPM101EZ Screw Pocket Machine

Introducing our SPM101EZ Screw Pocket Machine

The SPM101EZ Screw Pocket Machine debuted today at AWFS. This portable screw pocket machine weighs only 66 lbs and is very portable. “Our engineering team did an impeccable job in making this idea a reality.  In fact, this SPM101EZ Screw Pocket machine is engineered with many of the same features that have made our SPM301 […]

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State-of-the-art Screw Pocket Machine is made in the USA and Boasts a Multitude of Features and Benefits Ham Lake, MN – Safety Speed Manufacturing, a leading provider of panel processing equipment, is pleased to announce the introduction of the SPM301HD Screw Pocket Machine. The SPM301HD showcases an all-new heavy-duty, direct drive continuous electric spindle motor […]

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low angle screw pockets made with pocket hole joinery

SPM301 Makes Joints That Last Fast

No muss, no fuss. That’s the beauty of screw pocket joinery. This popular mechanical method for securely and permanently joining two pieces of wood involves routing a “pocket” at a low angle into one workpiece and joining it to another workpiece with a self-tapping screw. Screw pocket joinery can eliminate gluing and clamping. Pieces properly […]

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IWF Sneak Peek: Safety Speed’s Focus on American Technology

Safety Speed Manufacturing will display 1,000 square feet of American-made technology at the International Woodworking Fair, Aug. 24-27 in Atlanta. Safety Speed is taking advantage of North America’s biggest industrial woodworking event to present a full representation of its product line. The only way a woodworker could see more Safety Speed machines under power at […]

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screw pocket jig for screw machine production

3 Common Questions About Screw Pockets

1. Why Screw Pockets? Traditional wood joinery evolved over hundreds of years into the twentieth century when electrically powered machinery became common place. Nearly all forms of traditional wood joinery involved the use of large, expensive, complex, and frankly dangerous machines. The most wide spread forms of joinery, such as mortise & tenon, dovetail, finger […]

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