SPM101EZ Screw Pocket Machine

Introducing our SPM101EZ Screw Pocket Machine

The SPM101EZ Screw Pocket Machine debuted today at AWFS. This portable screw pocket machine weighs only 66 lbs and is very portable. “Our engineering team did an impeccable job in making this idea a reality.  In fact, this SPM101EZ Screw Pocket machine is engineered with many of the same features that have made our SPM301 […]

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Lunas Guitar he spent 311 hours building

Quad Cities Entrepreneur Founds Woodworking Academy

An average career in the woodworking industry has likely endured as many turns as your lathe does on an ordinary day in the shop. Illinois entrepreneur, Mark Luna is no exception and a self-taught woodworker, having discovered woodworking after retiring and owning four McDonald’s franchises for 28 years. Luna, a lifelong Quad Cities resident, has […]

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Woodworking Nonprofit Fortifies our Industry’s Workforce

It’s no secret that equipping Companies with trained employees remains the biggest challenge for both the Manufacturing and Woodworking industry. Opening its doors of 20,000+ square feet and endless opportunities of shared working space and machines on April 13, 2019, Makerspace Connecticut (MakerSpaceCT), has risen to the challenge of fortifying our industries workforce. MakerSpaceCT is […]

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DFC-H5 Proves to be a Cut Above the Rest

Our DFC-H5 Vertical Panel Saw & Dust Free Substrate Cutter is an industry changing machine, combining our flagship Vertical Panel Saw and a Dust Free Cutter, eliminating your need for three machines: the classic table saw, panel saw and your substrate cutter.

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Safety Speed Manufacturing Tech Thursday

Tech Thursday

Ever receive your new H4 or H5 Vertical Panel Saw, so excited to put it to use without reading the entire instruction manual? Watch this guided instruction on putting your Fixed Stand together, prior to receiving your machine!

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Safety Speed Manufacturing, Work Cell Wednesday, SPM 301

Work Cell Wednesday: Assemble

Aimed with increasing production and profit in woodworker’s shops across the country, Safety Speed’s SPM301 Screw Pocket machine simultaneously cuts and drills a pilot hole at a 6 degree angle in one motion, in under a second. Watch it in action! This machine is the fourth and final component of the All-American Work Cell and Work Cell Wednesday.

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Safety Speed Manufacturing Edgebander

Work Cell Wednesday: Band

Safety Speed’s commitment in providing safe and multi-functional products continues with the 72GP Edgebander and is the third component of Work Cell Wednesday. Containing a standby temperature reduction control, it prevents glue from overheating and splattering. Featuring two industrial routing and trimming motors, the 72 GP Edgebander eliminates filing and sanding edges. Working with Conquest […]

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Safety Speed Manufacturing Line Boring Graphic

Work Cell Wednesday: 23 Spindle Line Boring Machine

The second component of the All-American Manufacturing Cell and Work Cell Wednesday is Conquest Industries Pneumatic 23-Spindle Line Boring Machine. It allows for a simple and hassle free line boring process. Simply align your panel of wood within the machine and press your foot down on the pedal and holes are bored!

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Safety Speed Manufacturing Work Cell Wednesday

Work Cell Wednesday: 7400 Vertical Panel Saw

Since the inception of the first Vertical Panel Saw created in 1958 by Safety Speed founder Gene Olson, it’s no coincidence our Vertical Panel Saws are now produced with cut tolerances of  .005 of an inch, straight and square. The 7400 Vertical Panel Saw is the first step of the All-American Work Cell and our […]

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Safety Speed Manufacturing Work Cell Wednesday Promotion

Work Cell Wednesday

Aimed with improving the workflow at woodworking shops, Safety Speed Manufacturing and Conquest Industries reintroduce the All-American Work Cell, an all-in-one manufacturing cell for woodworkers everywhere with a new Work Cell Wednesday feature. Utilizing the work cell at the 2018 International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Safety Speed and Conquest Industries created and donated bookcases to […]

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Safety Speed Manufacturing Announces Personnel Changes

For Immediate Release  Ham Lake, MN, January 7 — Safety Speed Manufacturing announced the departure of Tom Houska who led Safety Speed’s marketing efforts for the last 15 years. “We thank Tom for leading Safety Speed’s marketing efforts and wish him success in his new endeavor,” remarked Safety Speed President, Brian Donahue. Additionally, Safety Speed […]

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